Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Criticizes Toxic People On Social Media, ‘Use Your Damn Brain’


In an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Slipknot and Stone Sour lead vocalist Corey Taylor talked about how people should change their attitude about using social media platforms to criticize everyone and share hateful comments about everything. Corey urged those toxic people to use their brains or not use these platforms if they don’t have any.

Apart from his successful career in Slipknot and Stone Sour, Corey Taylor has also been pursuing his own solo career by producing his own musical projects. Taylor released his debut studio album titled ‘CMFT’ on October 2, 2020, through Roadrunner Records. His debut studio album was appreciated a lot and drew the great attention of his fans and the music critics.

In addition to waiting for Slipknot’s upcoming studio album, his fans also want to hear updates from Corey Taylor’s new solo works. Instead of announcing his second studio album, Taylor has recently revealed that he will perform at the Rock Fest as a solo musician and singer. Corey Taylor was one of the headliners of the festival along with Rob Zombie, Korn, and Limp Bizkit.

Taylor is also known for often drawing attention to the problems in society to raise awareness about certain issues. During a recent interview, Slipknot’s frontman stated that he was getting very upset with the toxic people on social media platforms who constantly create chaos by being bullies and sharing hateful comments about everything and everyone. Corey suggested those people use their brains if they really want to express themselves on social media or if they don’t have a brain, they should better not post anything at all.

Here’s what Corey Taylor stated in the interview:

“The thing that surprises me the most is that most people can’t get there themselves. There’s definitely a vacuum in this country — and around the world — of common sense. And I think it really kind of comes from this need to embrace almost a social chaos. People have trained themselves to only really be comfortable if there’s drama going on, which is just so toxic. We’re spreading this toxicity to people that can only really be cured once people go, ‘Man, I don’t need this in my life.’

So, to me, that’s really the thing that blows my mind — that people seek that out half the time. They go looking for it or they sit back and they turn it into a punchline until it really affects their life. And then they go, ‘Oh, there’s nothing funny about it.’

Nine times out of 10, I get really mad when I’m right, to be honest. Especially when it comes to social media and social situations, the way that people are starting to go and turn, nobody can really make a move these days without someone getting pissed off. And it’s just ridiculous.

I really wish that people would think before they tweet or think before they post or think before they react or say something ridiculous in the comments. I mean, just think. Just stop for a second and use your damn brain. And if you don’t have one? Don’t post. It’s just that simple.”

Corey Taylor emphasized the importance of people using their brains and think carefully before they posted comments or reacted to an issue on social media. If they aren’t smart enough to write a sensible comment, people shouldn’t share anything to express their ridiculous ideas, according to the Slipknot icon.