Slipknot’s Clown Reveals Why He Chosen Not To Design A Mask That Covers His Entire Head

Slipknot keyboardist and co-founder of the band, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan was recently interviewed by the official YouTube channel of the band and answered some of his fans’ questions with Murphy Quint.

In the question & answer session, Clown was asked if he can explain the mask-design process. According to Crahan, making up and designing his outfit was always an easy process for him, and explained what makes Slipknot such an epic and unique band.

As you may already remember, back in 2019, Slipknot members have decided to change their masks after releasing their sixth album named ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘ and this is the third time they have changed their outfits and masks.

In 2019, the other member of the band Jim Root stated that he chooses to let his mask evolve a little bit rather than changing it drastically every time.

Here is what Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan said about his mask:

“For me, it’s always been easy. I wake up. I have a feeling. It seems natural. It goes on. I’m there. I look at it, and I go, ‘That’s exactly what I feel like. The in-depthness is in my mind. It’s the subconscious thought of something I can’t hold. How do you mold that in your brain? How do you turn it in circles? How do you look into it? How do you fit into it?

It’s so intangible, it’s so not here, so the process, the heaviest part of it is in your own brain — in visualizing the pain or the discomfort you actually wanna put yourself in for that album cycle. For example, for this mask, for the cycle ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, I chose not to have something that covered my entire head, because I’ve done it quite a bit over my career, and the exhaustion from heat not being able to escape fatigues my show, and I’m wanting to give a better show personally, physically, spiritually, mentally.

“So it’s a manual task once it gets out of the subconscious and into the conscious and then into words and then into body language and possibly pencils. And then it just works from there. But the real tedious stuff comes from staying up at night, wondering who you’re gonna be, who you can represent.”

He continued:

“As we all know, we’re a very unique band because I wouldn’t say that we go all out on these things, and I think that’s what makes them so personal and special, whereas we all know you can watch a Hollywood movie and there could be so much money spent on these things, but maybe it’s overdone, maybe it looks overdone, maybe you don’t feel that character.

I’ve always felt that we just naturally know — whether it’s expensive or plastic or leather or latex — just let it be what it is. And that’s about as hard as it is — is to admit to yourself who you’re going to want to be for all of you for the next 18 months, possibly the next three years.”

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