Marq Torien Recalls James Hetfield’s Prediction About Bulletboys’ Debut Record


BulletBoys lead singer Marq Torien recently recalled a memory involving Metallica’s James Hetfield during the podcast with Radioactive with Mike Z. Torien revealed how Papa Het supported them during their earlier years and predicted the band’s success.

The band was established in 1986, and their sound was classified as heavy metal. Its original line-up consisted of Marq Torien, Mick Sweda, Lonnie Vencent, and Jimmy D’Anda. They underwent multiple line-up changes, and Torien was the only consistent member. From 1988 to 1991, they released two albums and numerous singles featured on MTV.

The members were significantly influenced by AC/DC and Van Halen when they first appeared on the music scene. Following their contract with Warner Bros., the band’s self-titled debut album came out in 1988, and the record peaked at number 34 on the Billboard 200 chart. While the single ‘Smooth Up in Ya’ reached number 23 on the US Mainstream Rock chart, ‘For the Love of Money’ climbed up to 38.

Metallica was a fellow metal band enjoying the mainstream success they achieved with their 1986 album ‘Master of Puppets’ around that period. As the two bands spent time together, they had a chance to discuss their careers’ futures. For instance, James Hetfield made a prediction about BulletBoys’ debut album.

Torien expressed his love for Hetfield during a recent appearance on a podcast and recalled some memories with him. As he revealed, James Hetfield always came to the band’s performances and showed his support. Marq Torien stated that one day the vocalist went to watch their show and told them the debut album ‘blew his mind.’ Papa Het exclaimed that it was one of the best records he had ever heard and told them that the record would remain as one of the greatest rock albums in music history.

Marq Torien said the following about James Hetfield:

I love James Hetfield. He was a big champion for the Bulletboys when we first started playing and would come to all of our shows when we played up north. He would come walking in, and he would hang with us, love on us, drink some whisky and beer with us and stay there through the whole show.”

Torien continued sharing his memory:

“When we started playing up in ‘Frisco, we played at a place called The Stone, and he was always there to come and see us. He said that the first Bulletboys record blew his mind because he didn’t think a band could come out and have that sound. He goes, ‘The sound that you have and Ted Templeman.’ And he said, ‘This record is gonna last forever.’ We laughed, ’cause he goes, ‘No, no. no. Listen to me.’

And that’s young James — with his mustache, handlebar mustache, full of piss and vinegar. He was looking at us with that look in his eyes, and it was kind of scary. He goes, ‘Dudes, I’m telling you right now. Don’t eff this off. This will be for the rest of time, this album. I know you idiots don’t know it right now, but I’m telling you, this is one of the greatest rock records that I’ve ever heard.’”

You can listen to the podcast below.