Slayer Icon Gary Holt Shares The Formula Of Happiness And Winning In Life

In a recent Instagram post, Exodus and  Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt, shared his thoughts on happiness and what winning in life is.

As you may know, Gary Holt has been the songwriter and the most senior member of his long-time band Exodus. Apart from that, he became a member of Slayer from 2011 to 2019, replacing the guitarist and founder member Jeff Hanneman after his death in May 2013. He is now primarily a member of Exodus after Slayer left the music scene with their final farewell tour in late 2019.

Gary Holt has recently collaborated with Generation Kill, the band of the former Exodus frontman Rob Dukes, on their new single and music video ‘Never Relent.’ The track is known as the first collaboration with Rob Dukes and Gary Holt since Dukes’ departure. Moreover, fans are looking forward to the new Exodus album called ‘MK-Ultra,’ known to be released in late Summer 2021 and will also be the band’s third.

As seen on his Instagram account, Gary Holt shared an influencing post covering his thoughts on happiness and winning in life. He stated that he is happy no matter what, and he is winning in life as he does not care what others think about him and what he should do. At the end of the post, he also saluted the mentor, author, and life coach Joshua Coburn. The post’s comment section is seen full of fans being happy about him and cheering up with him.

Holt’s post read:

“Day job, plays and writes music about killing people and all sorts of socially conscious awful shit, other than that… Happy in life, happy in my own skin, never giving two fucks about keeping up with what others think I should do. It’s called winning in life. Who cares what others have. Happiness. I dig it. People like Joshua Coburn give amazing reminders to keep the PMA going.”

You can see the photo that Holt posted on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram