Chad Kroeger Names Nickelback’s Full-On Metal Songs

No matter what the musicians say about their songs, their music is released publicly for the fans to criticize in their own way. While fans think Nickelback’s new song ‘San Quentin’ made the band switch to a heavier sound, Chad Kroeger has admitted to having older pieces that fit the description more.

The interviewer, Kyle Meredith, said that the song ‘San Quentin’ from their album ‘Get Rollin” is one of Chad’s heaviest vocals and described it as ‘ear-splitting.’ However, Chad disagreed with him and said, “I would say ‘This Means War’ [2011] or ‘The Betrayal’ [2017] are, I would say, that’s full-on metal.” Speaking on ‘San Quentin,’ he continued, “This one just feels like a hard-rock song. But since it starts off in such an aggressive nature, I think that was what we teased the internet with.”

Chad also commented on the internet’s take on their sound. He didn’t seem particularly happy about how everyone formed opinions about their songs. He explained, “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, Nickleback’s gone so heavy,’ and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re just doing the same.’ We’ve done far heavier in the past, but I’ll let anybody spin the narrative however they want it. It doesn’t matter to me. “

The band’s success came with their sensational hit, ‘How You Remind Me,’ from the 2001 album ‘Silver Side Up’ and the band continued to satisfy their fans after that. Although their most recent album made people believe that Nickelback has transitioned into a full-on metal sound, the lead singer doesn’t seem to agree, as they have had metal songs in their albums throughout the years.