Slash Confirms His Plans To Write New Songs With Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses are on a roll, and they don’t seem ready to stop anytime soon as the members are thinking about their next album while they still have their summer 2023 tour dates and unreleased songs in the pipeline. Slash had a recent chat with the Eddie Trunk podcast to give an overview of what is to come regarding Guns N’ Roses in the next few months, in which he shared that he intends to work on a brand new record.

“Well, I mean, I want to go in and cut a brand-new record at some point, probably sooner than later,” the guitarist said about his intentions of getting back in the studio. “But other than that, we have stuff that has yet to come out, so that’s going to come out peace meal over the next, I don’t know, over the next few months or something like that, that’s basically it. We have one more tour left to do next summer, which will free us up to go and work on the next record. I’ll keep you posted.”

Before they can move on to a new album, there are a few tracks they haven’t released yet, so Slash said, “There’s a handful of those songs that we fixed up and did when we were in lockdown, so those have yet to be released. Those are going to come out, and they are really good, too. I’m excited about those. We are just going to put out one or two songs and another one or two songs. That’s going to be pretty much all of them; I’m not sure exactly how many we did in total.”

The handful of tracks yet to come out are on the bandwagon as the EP ‘Hard Skool’ the band released earlier this year. The new music held special significance as it was the first record officially released by the core members of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash in 29 years.