Skillet’s John Cooper Says His Attitude Toward Vaccines ‘Cost Him A Lot’

Skillet singer John Cooper was criticized for his remarks about COVID vaccines, and apparently, it cost him a lot. In a new interview with Rock Feed, Cooper was asked about the criticism he encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic when he expressed his views opposing protocols related to masking and vaccinations for concerts. Giving examples from history, he said:

“Yeah, it’s really funny. It’s funny because I never wanted to be someone talking about [that stuff]; I just wanted to play music. But I felt that we were getting to this crazy place, like when you read about in history when… I like history — I don’t know that much about it, but I like it — and you read about this stuff during Leninism in Russia when people are, like, ‘Okay, I know something’s not going good, but I’m just gonna deal with it. I’m gonna go with the flow.'”

He continued his examples by mentioning religion:

“You also read about it from… There’s a Christian theologian called [Dietrich] Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was in Germany in the 1940s, [and he] was one of the first people speaking out against this crazy guy called Hitler that everybody was following — the Christians were following — and he was telling these churches… He had a radio program and he was saying, ‘Churches, this guy is dangerous. You need to stop.'”

The rocker was not aware his punk rock attitude toward the vaccines would cost him:

“And they kept yelling at Bonhoeffer, saying, ‘Why are you being so divisive?’ And I read about it, and I go… In 2020, I started thinking it’s not good for us to… Our founding fathers would not want us to just go along with whatever the state tells you; that’s not what America’s about. It’s okay to push back. And it did cost me a lot. I was really surprised. And I thought that… To me, that was punk rock. I was, like, that’s a punk rock thing to do — push back a little bit.”

Cooper’s Remarks On Vaccines

In November 2021, the vocalist asserted that mandates for COVID-19 vaccines are ‘far more about tyranny than genuinely ensuring people’s safety.’ Despite the criticism he received, he continued to state his thoughts on the matter many times. A month after his comments, he expressed disbelief, stating that it is ‘absolutely insane’ for the government to enforce vaccines as a strategy to control the virus outbreak, which has resulted in the deaths of nearly 800,000 people only in the U.S.

During the same month, the rocker pushed back against the criticism he received for his comments about COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Reflecting on the criticism he received from both the mainstream media and the public for claiming that vaccines serve as a means of government control, he stated:

“It’s a crazy time because there’s, like, a collective mind losing. It’s true — the whole country, we’ve lost our minds.”

You can watch the whole interview below.