Brian May Says A ‘Tearful Script’ Convinced Him To Play In A Kids Show

Queen lead guitarist Brian May was interviewed by Planet Rock Radio and revealed how he decided to take place in a BBC kids’ show in which he played the Godfather of Rock. He explained the reason behind accepting this offer by emphasizing the episode’s meaningful message.

‘Andy and the Band’ is a BBC kids show which tells the story of a band named Andy and the Odd Socks and their musical journey while facing difficulties and understanding the meaning of being different. The cast consists of Andy Day, Marcus Ramtohul, Holly Mallett with many more. The show’s second season started on January 24, 2022, and one of its episodes drew great attention with its legendary special guest star.

In episode 5 of season 2 of the show entitled ‘Planet Rock,’ which aired on January 22, 2022, Andy loses his confidence and air guitar so the whole band starts their space journey to Planet Rock to find the person that can help them to find what he needs. The person was the Godfather of Rock who was played by Brian May, and they also performed a song with the same name which was released on February 18, 2022.

During his interview, May recalled his opinions about the offer saying that he thought that he was too busy to act in a kids show after his wife Anita, who had worked with them before, talked about the program’s wish. However, he decided to read the script after his wife’s advice, and May liked the episode’s tearful message about being different so much that he accepted it. The guitarist said that it’s very important to make the bullied kids realize that it’s okay to be odd and special.

May said in his interview that:

“Well to be honest I was surprised about the whole thing. I get a lot of requests for the things and actually, this came from my wife Anita because she had worked with them before, Andy and the Odd Socks. She said ‘They’ve asked if you’ll be the Godfather of Rock in this episode.’ I went ‘You know what I’m really busy.’ Like you, I thought it was going to be a kids’ program, and why would I want to do this. She said ‘Read the script and see what you think.’ Then I read the script and I was quite tearful at the end of it. I felt very emotionally effective because what they’re doing is dealing with the insecurities of kids and when they lose their self-confidence and they get bullied and all of that stuff.

The story is just great I thought it fantastic for kids who feel left out so I said ‘Okay, I’ve got to do this.’ I did a little stuff to do it. I can’t really enter a project without putting my mark on it. I got into it but I loved working with him and really like what they do, the whole idea of odd socks, wearing them because it’s odd and they’re different from everyone else. So it means all these kids who feel like there’s something weird about them. They’re getting bullied, they all feel that they’re not actually odd anymore, they’re okay. It’s okay to be what you are and I love that.”

You can check out the interview and the song below.