Skid Row’s Snake Sabo Opens Up About Attempting To End His Life

Skid Row’s Dave Sabo recently appeared as a guest on Appetite for Distortion, where he reflected on his mental health progress and a few suicide attempts he went through.

The guitarist recalled his second attempt to end his life, explaining:

“A couple of suicide attempts, and the second one, I’m glad I failed at those because the second one was the one that was really, uh, it really kind of got me on the road to getting well, to managing this thing in the right way.”

It was a wake-up call for Sabo, and his turning point came while he was in the emergency room, as he revealed:

“I think the thing that turned me around was… I was in the emergency room, and they were working on me and doing what they could to get all the crap out of my system. I had been revived already, and they were cleaning me out, I guess, and I heard my guitar player’s wife crying outside of where they were working on me, and that changed everything. That moment was when I realized I was actually responsible for causing that, and that’s when I went, ‘Never again. I can’t do that to somebody else.'”

Not long ago, Dave opened up about his mental health struggles in a chat with Metal Edge. He explained that it was tough as a constantly touring musician because, at that time, nobody really understood or talked openly about such issues. He then spoke about how he kept his struggles a secret, noting:

“And because of the way it was looked down upon by society, to be honest, I just faked my way through it all. I always put on a happy face, made jokes, and worked hard to take the focus off what might have been wrong with me. I worked hard to hide everything I was going through because I didn’t want people to know. I kept it a secret for as long as I could until my body and mind broke down, and I couldn’t anymore.”

You can watch his recent conversation below.