Skid Row’s Dave Sabo Admits Keeping A Big Secret About His Health

Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo of Skid Row recently guested on Metal Edge, where he opened up about his mental health. Sabo has been openly talking about his mental health for many years, and during the interview, he shared more details about his experiences.

The guitarist was asked how difficult it was to navigate the struggles he had been dealing with while also constantly being on and off stage. He said:

“It was tough. Back then, there wasn’t a clear definition of what any of that was or what the cause of it might be. And if there was, no one wanted to admit it, let alone talk about it. The understanding of why those things occurred to me only came fairly recently. So, back then, it was always a roller coaster when I would have my personal episodes.”

Sabo then admitted to keeping it a secret from people and continued:

“And because of the way it was looked down upon by society, to be honest, I just faked my way through it all. I always put on a happy face, made jokes, and worked hard to take the focus off what might have been wrong with me. I worked hard to hide everything I was going through because I didn’t want people to know. I kept it a secret for as long as I could until my body and mind broke down, and I couldn’t anymore.”

Sabo also stated that he has been dealing with his mental health since his early teenage years. In an earlier interview, the guitarist shared:

“I started Skid Row in 1986, but I’ve been dealing with mental health and mental illness issues since my early teens. And so throughout the ups and downs of my professional career and my personal life, it’s been something that’s been riding right next to me, on my shoulder, the whole time — and still does to this day; it’s not something that just — boom! — goes away.”

The rocker expressed that music is a means of self-expression for him. He also shared that he often finds himself using music to convey his emotions but can also express his experiences and struggles through spoken words.