Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Tells A Fan To Get Vaccinated Or ‘Listen Through The Wall’

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach recently had a quarrel with one of his followers about the Covid-19 vaccinations and upcoming live performances, and Twisted Sister’s former frontman Dee Snider joined the conversation and backed up his friend and bandmate.

As you know, Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider have quite a good relationship, and they are both very vocal about their views on various matters. In the past year, they started using their social media accounts in a very similar way; to share their views on social and political matters, announce their upcoming projects, and warn their fans about the ongoing pandemic.

As they’re so vocal about their views on controversial issues, they often receive bad comments from their followers, and quite often, they run to each other’s aid. Recently, Sebastian Bach shared President Joe Biden’s tweet considering CDC’s latest announcement that they’re ‘no longer recommending fully vaccinated people to wear masks.’

After that, a follower told Bach that he’s neither getting vaccinated nor wearing a mask and that he’ll be going to the Mötley Crüe concert. Bach responded by saying that they’re not going to let him in the venue because he’s not vaccinated but suggested that he can go to the parking lot and listen through the wall.

Bach also said that he should actually just stay in his basement while the vaccinated citizens enjoy getting back to normal life. At that point, Dee Snider chimed in and said that he can become the modern-day ‘Jukebox Hero‘ and changed the lyrics of the classic song to ‘Standing in the rain, at the backstage door. Didn’t have his vaccine, ain’t gonna rock for sure…’

Here’s what a fan told Sebastian Bach after his pro-vaccination tweet:

“Not getting the vaccine and I don’t wear a mask.”

To which Bach responded:

“They will not let you into the venue if you don’t have a vaccine dummy. Maybe you can go hang out in the parking lot and listen through the wall? Better yet just stay in your basement that’s where you’ll be hanging out while the rest of us are at the show.”

Dee Snider chimed in and added:

“He can be a Jukebox Hero! ‘Standing in the rain, at the backstage door. Didn’t have his vaccine, ain’t gonna rock for sure…'”

Here are the real lyrics of Juke Box Hero:

“Standing in the rain, with his head hung low

Couldn’t get a ticket, it was a sold-out show.”

You can check out the tweets and listen to ‘Juke Box Hero‘ below.