Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Shares Happiness For Getting ‘Rock And Roll Back,’ Mocks Anti-Vaxxers

Skid Row’s former frontman Sebastian Bach recently posted a news article on his Twitter account and commented on it by saying that he’s thrilled to finally be able to attend live shows and get back on stage.

As you know, Sebastian Bach achieved worldwide fame as the frontman of Skid Row, and although he was fired from the band in 1996, he continued his music career with numerous side projects such as Kings of Chaos, in which he has collaborated with stars such as Dee Snider, Gene Simmons, Duff McKagan, and many more.

Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that Bach is highly thrilled that live shows have become a part of our lives once again after over a year of being stuck at home. However, it should be mentioned that Bach is a fierce Covid-19 vaccine advocate and that he never misses a chance to show how the vaccine has fastened the process of getting back to normal life.

In his recent tweet, he applauded a Florida concert promoter who decided to charge 18$ for the tickets of a punk rock concert to people who’ve gotten vaccinated and $1000 to those who haven’t. Bach said that sounds fair and went on to thank President Joe Biden ‘for giving us back ROCK N’ ROLL’ while saying that it’s the first time a ‘vote for science’ has meant so much.

Here’s what the article’s title was:

“A Florida concert promoter is charging $18 for tickets for an upcoming punk-rock concert to people who are vaccinated and $1,000 to those who are not.”

Sebastian Bach retweeted it while saying:

“18 + life you got it. Thank you beyond words to Joe Biden for giving us back ROCK N’ ROLL.  Never has a vote for science meant more.”

You can check out the tweets below.