Jelly Roll Recalls Receiving A Sign From God For His New Album

Jelly Roll had an interview with Loudwire to discuss the writing process of his newest album ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ and how he received a sign from God during his daughter’s baptism.

In the interview, Jelly mentioned that he initially underwent a writing process, and although he wrote enough songs, seeing his daughter Bailee’s baptism led him to seek and give meaning to his album. He said:

“I got baptized in a little church, too. I started talking to her about Whitsitt Chapel and then I started listening to these songs [I had written] and I was just like, ‘Man, I want to write an album. I don’t want to write a bunch of songs to pick out.’ That felt kind of purposeful and a little bit hopeful and I wanted to tell a story and I wanted to get romantic about the old days.”

He also mentioned that seeing his daughter Bailee’s faithfulness provided him to reflect on himself and caused a change in his point of view:

“I thought about the 14-year-old in that church who now is 39 and has a 14-year-old going to church. At that point, it’s like, what’s that story from song one to song 12? How do I tell that story? That was a big perspective shift… it just totally circled back around.”

Jelly Roll will embark on his ‘Backroad Baptism’ tour on the 28th of July.

You can listen to ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ below.