Elvis Presley Has Never Been A Racist, According To His Ex-Wife Priscilla

Elvis Presley’s ex-wife and businessperson Priscilla Presley responded to the claims about the late icon’s supposedly racist thoughts during her recent appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored. She highlighted that Elvis Presley wasn’t a prejudiced person in any way, who rather admired and respected black artists.

Presley’s fans and music journalists have argued about whether the late musician was a racist or not for a very long time in their social media accounts and news articles with many more. The King of Rock and Roll’s infamous words, ‘The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes,‘ that he allegedly said caused harsh criticism against him and received backlash from African American people in the United States.

Even though Presley denied those words and stated that he never said anything like that, some people were still doubtful about it. Later Grammy award-winner, producer, musician, and songwriter Quincy Jones recalled the time when Tommy Dorsey didn’t want to collaborate with the late icon because of his racist attitude. Although Jones didn’t talk about any inappropriate conversation between him and Presley, he believed in what Dorsey said.

Also, shortly after the release of the biographical musical film ‘Elvis,’ Piers Morgan hosted his widow to share her ideas about cancel culture and a possible reaction to the musician’s statements, behaviors, or lyrics. Pricilla guaranteed that Elvis wasn’t a racist person despite the claims, and she added that the artist had African American friends like Fats Domino and Sammy Davis Jr. and loved to spend time with them. Yet, she finds these times frightening while people try to hunt one another.

Presley shared her ideas, saying:

“If you saw the movie… You did see the movie. For a long time, it was stated that Elvis was a racist. He was not a racist. He has never been a racist. Elvis had black friends from all over. He loved their music, style, and being around black musicians. Fats Domino. When he was in Vegas, he was in the lounge playing; we would always go and hang out with him. Sammy Davis Jr. was the same thing.

He would come into the dressing room, and he loved being around blacks and being around anyone. He was not prejudiced in any way so and not racist in any way. I don’t know; this is a very frightening time. We’re looking for something from everyone that we can somehow dispose of them in some way. That’s why it’s so frightening right now.”

You can watch the interview below.