Simon Kirke Shares Bad Company ‘Innocent’ Shark Story, Unlike Led Zeppelin’s

In a new interview snippet shared by VRP Rocks, the Bad Company founder and drummer Simon Kirke shared his experience of the ‘innocent’ shark story. During the interview, the rocker told about the story where the band was banned from the hotel they stayed in. But the story somehow sounds extremely similar to Led Zeppelin’s shark story.

Apparently, even though they tried their best not to kill the shark, the band still ended up facing the consequences. After detailing the story, the rocker reminisced how their manager got fed up with them:

“[The manager] comes out with this look of thunder on his face. He says, ‘You, Simon. You were in the Boz [Burrell]’s room, right?’ And we’re going, ‘Uh oh.’ [Then I say,] ‘Yeah, we were.’ He says, ‘Well, the maid was in the room and apparently she was cleaning when she pulled back the shower and there is a shark in there, and it’s kind of flapped around.'”

The shark must have come as a surprise to the maid, as she went on to take action to ban the band from the hotel. He continued the story:

“‘She slipped, she sprained her wrist and she’s banged her head, and she’s suing us.’ And we’re banned… It’s a chain, the same chain of hotels that is in Edgewater in Seattle. ‘We’re banned, we gotta have to find another f*cking hotel, idiots.'”

What Happened In Kirke’s Version Of The Shark Story?

The story is pretty similar to Led Zeppelin’s story. In Kirke’s words, Bad Company was staying in a chain hotel where people could fish from the balcony of their rooms, and their bassist Boz Burrell had caught a four-foot shark from the window. Having to go to the airport in an hour, the two bandmates first thought of throwing the shark back from the window. Later, Burrell suggested putting it in a bathtub, after which they left the hotel. That’s when they got sued by the maid and were banned from coming back for life.

The Led Zeppelin Version Of The Shark Story

Contrary to what Kirke said in the new interview, the original story goes back, and it’s an entirely different story than Bad Company’s. According to the story that appears in the 1985 Led Zeppelin biography, ‘Hammer of the Gods,’ the band was staying at the same hotel, where they also could fish off from their balconies. After catching a shark, Led Zeppelin, Vanilla Fudge members, and the road manager ‘disrobed’ a groupie and ‘tied her up to a bed,’ and even proceeded to stick the pieces of the shark into her vagina.

While some have questioned the accuracy of this account, Mark Blake, the author of the book on the Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, ‘Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond–The Story of Rock’s Greatest Manager,’ claimed that the description of the incident is real.

You can see the recent snippet below and hear the story yourself.