Shinedown’s Zach Myers Says He Doesn’t Care About The Grammys

In a recent interview, when asked about Shinedown’s latest nomination for a VMA, Zach Myers revealed his thoughts on the Grammy Awards and compared them to the VMAs.

The founder, guitarist, and lead singer of Fairwell, Zach Myers, joined Shinedown as a touring guitarist in 2005. What started as a temporary collaboration later became permanent when Zach replaced Nick Perry, who left the band in 2008. Myers began his stage life at a very early age and has been pursuing his music career since 14. The guitarist is now simultaneously the lead singer and guitarist for Fairwell and the rhythm guitarist for Shinedown.

The band was previously nominated for the best rock artist category for various awards, including the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards. Recently, the band’s latest release, ‘Planet Zero’ was nominated for the ‘Best Rock’ VMA this year. Myers has often criticized these awards and said he doesn’t need any trophies to know that his music is good.

In the past few years, the Grammy Awards have been severely criticized by the rock scene due to genre confusion and category selection. The award’s reputation in the rock world seems to be deteriorating, and what Myers said in his last interview reflects that he agrees that Grammy Awards are losing their value.

In a recent interview with the channel SEScoops, the Shinedown guitarist spoke with Scott Fishman and shared his opinion on the Grammys again. Zach said he doesn’t care about awards like this, and that if he wins a Grammy one day, he won’t even let it into his house.

Here is what the guitarist said about music awards and the Grammys:

“I guess. I mean, they’ve nominated so many bands that weren’t rock bands in that category before. You know what I think, I was joking with some of our friends that, like, I talk so much sh*t about award shows that I think that they’re intentionally messing with me this year.

Because I’ve always, you know, I’ve gotten so much bad press for saying like, I don’t know if it’s bad or good, I think our fans think it’s good because they don’t care either. But like saying that I don’t care about the Grammy’s, because I, you know, honestly… And this is 100% the truth; If I got a Grammy, I’m giving it to my mom and dad. It will never, it will never step foot in my house. I don’t care.”

However, Zach seems to have a problem with the authority figures involved at the awards, not the awards themselves. During the conversation, he said he appreciates their latest MTV VMA nomination because fans can vote. Stressing that the opinion of their fans is more important to him, Myers stated that what he values is to take the stage and perform to a crowd that enjoys their songs because he wants to touch lives.

During the interview, he continued:

“I always tell people I get a Grammy every night at nine o-clock when I walk on stage and there’s an arena full of people. I don’t want to be a part of a ‘cool kids club.’ I don’t care, I have zero interest. But, I like the MTC thing because fans vote on it. So if we win, we won’t. But if we win, that’ll be cool. But obviously, Foo Fighters up for it and they’re gonna win, like come on… This is no-brainer. But you know, and they probably should, it’s really good video. But yeah, I don’t expect to win, but if we do, that’s great. Yeah, you know…

This is the most cliche thing I’ve ever said, but in a category that is voted for by the fans, it is nice just to be nominated, which is the classic Oscar line I guess. Yeah, you know, I don’t know, I don’t care, I don’t care about awards. You know, if we win, we win. I’m sure that there are other people in the band who do care, I don’t. I get my award when people listen to our band, when we touch people’s lives. That’s all the award I need.”

You can check out the interview below.