Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Was Locked In His Library For Weeks To Find A New Project

Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a video on Twitter in which Sharon Osbourne discusses the struggles the musician faced while trying to find a new project.

Back in early 2021, collecting NFTs became a trend. As a result, designers and artists focused on creating unique digital artwork which can be sold as NFTs, and some musicians listed some exclusive material purchasable and tradeable as NFTs. Apart from RHCP’s Flea, Mike Shinoda, Megadeth, and others, Ozzy Osbourne has also recently stepped into the crypto world.

In a tweet, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he launched his NFT project titled Cryptobatz with almost 10,000 unique bats he designed for his fans. Following that, he announced that fans can go and follow Cryptobatz’s official Twitter account to follow up with the news and join the discord server to have a chance to get on the pre-sale whitelist. 

According to the news, Osbourne will launch Cryptobatz, which he designed with the NFT studio Sutter Systems in January. Besides, these Cryptobatz will also have a unique feature to birth another NFT by biting and mutating with other NFTs, just like a bat. So, Ozzy’s Cryptobatz will also have an exclusive feature for the collectors.

In one of his recent tweets, Ozzy Osbourne shared a video of his wife Sharon Osbourne, who talked about Ozzy’s involvement in the crypto business. According to Sharon, Ozzy first wanted a Bored Ape for his birthday; then he lost the chance to get on the CloneX whitelist, so things weren’t going well for the singer at all. However, Sharon claimed ‘Ozzy doesn’t give up.’

Following that, Sharon said Ozzy started brainstorming and working in his library for weeks. She then stated that Ozzy teamed up with Sutter Systems to build a fantastic, full of utility, unique NFT project titled Cryptobatz. At the end of the video, Ozzy also appeared facing the camera and said ‘probably nothing.’

Ozzy Osbourne’s tweet read:

“I’ve launched an NFT project called Cryptobatz. Probably nothing…”

In the video Ozzy tweeted, Sharon Osbourne stated the following:

“Ozzy wanted a Bored Ape for his birthday, but I told him the floor was just too high. And with Crypto winter just around the corner, it wasn’t a good idea. Then, he missed the CloneX whitelist by a few hours, and that didn’t go down well at all. He was becoming a laughing stock with his friends. At one point, I really thought he was not going to make it. But my Ozzy doesn’t give up. [Ozzy yells ‘Sharon!’]

He started thinking. He started working. He was locked away in his library for weeks, working on something big. He teamed up with a company called Sutter Systems. And the mission was to create an NFT project. They wanted to build something wonderful, something full of utility, something unique. They’ve called them ‘Cryptobatz.’ [Ozzy says ‘Probably nothing’]”

You can check out the tweet below.