David Gilmour And Roger Waters’ Feud Might Prevent Pink Floyd’s $500 Million Catalog Sale

Even years after Roger Waters‘ departure from Pink Floyd, the complicated relationship between Waters and his former bandmates still affects the cult band. Financial Times reported that the act’s millions worth catalog sale has been jeopardized since Roger Waters and David Gilmour cannot negotiate because of their feud.

It was previously disclosed that Roger Waters’ bold political statements had put Pink Floyd’s catalog sale in danger. Possible buyers had given the cold shoulder as they were reluctant to associate themselves with Waters after his controversial remarks. However, it seems like the musician’s political stance and outspokenness aren’t the only bumps on the road.

The complicated relationship between Roger and his Pink Floyd bandmates, especially David Gilmour, is one of the most famous in rock history. The feud that once affected the band’s career now seems to have negatively impacted their catalog sale since it was disclosed that their ongoing feud had made it particularly challenging for possible buyers to negotiate.

One interested party had reportedly stated that the complex relationship between Roger and David made it ‘impossible’ to settle with the musicians. Another possible buyer also revealed that the sale might never be completed even if a buyer was interested since the bandmates could never agree with each other.

The statements of the possible buyers revealed:

“One bidder for the catalogue reportedly said the strained relationship between Waters and David Gilmour had made it impossible to come to an agreement. Another claimed they may never be able to close a deal, even if a buyer were chosen, as the band never need an excuse to disagree.”

It looks like Roger Waters’ controversies, political claims, and his troubled dynamics with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd might prevent the band’s catalog sale. Since these sales are a great way for cult musicians to profit, the difficult circumstances surrounding Pink Floyd might be troubling.