Sharon Osbourne Announces Ozzy’s Covid Diagnosis And Updates His Health Status

In a recent interview with the Talk, Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon announced that Ozzy has tested positive for COVID-19, which makes her worried due to his ongoing health issues.

Ozzy Osbourne revealed in 2020 that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after a series of health setbacks that damaged his nervous system. He also said that he has been battling the disease since 2003. Before revealing the news, Osbourne suffered a fall in his home in Los Angeles. Following the fall, he had to undergo neck surgery.

The 73-year-old-rocker was the only member of the family who had not been diagnosed with the disease thus far. Sharon Osbourne had tested positive in December 2020, and then his daughter Kelly had it. Later on, his son, Jack’s two daughters, got COVID. Unfortunately, Ozzy also couldn’t escape the disease, although he had gone the whole time without catching it.

Sharon Osbourne stated that she spoke to Ozzy, and he is doing well. Still, she is worried about him due to his previous health issues and ongoing battle with Parkinson’s. Sharon also said it was bad luck that the rocker got the disease after two years. Sharon pulled out of her show, ‘The Talk,’ to fly back to Los Angeles to be with Ozzy. She hopes she will be back at work within a week.

Regarding the announcement of Ozzy’s COVID, Sharon Osbourne said:

“Ozzy was diagnosed. It was the middle of the nighttime. I spoke to him, and he’s okay. I am very worried about Ozzy right now. We’ve gone two years without him catching COVID, and it’s just Ozzy’s luck he would get it now. It’ll take me a week to get my old man back on his feet again, and I will be back on the show in a week. We’re going to get him a negative test by next week.”

You can watch her announcement below.