Sebastian Bach Shares His Ultimatum To Skid Row To Ged Rid Of The Bon Jovi Deal

Skid Row once worked with Bon Jovi, but a few things went downhill, and recently, Sebastian Bach recalled this incident and revealed the final demand to sign with Bon Jovi.

In the new episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride Podcast, the rocker recalled the deals that would eventually make them famous. But as opposed to what one might think, it was not a record deal at first:

“We signed a deal with [Jon Bon Jovi] and in order for us to sign it he would take us on his tour. We were just a bunch of nobodies, so let’s go on tours in arenas, that doesn’t happen every day.”

When the interviewer asked why they did not sign a record deal instead, he clarified:

“To get on tour with Bon Jovi. That’s what it was.”

Apparently, Skid Row was doing something wrong, but it was almost too late when Bach realized it. He continued:

“Nobody held me off the balcony but all I can say about it is that there were so many bands at that time, and the ones that made it were very far and few between. Making it was like a unicorn. And I understand what you’re saying, but here’s what we did: I quit the f*cking band when I understood what we signed, I said, ‘I’m not doing this again.'”

Eventually, the singer made an ultimatum to stay in the deal, which then led to the success of their newly starting career:

“So we had a big meeting with the lawyer Michael Guido, who’s now like Jay-Z’s right hand business guy, he was our lawyer then. I said ‘I’m quitting unless we’re redoing the whole thing with Bon Jovi and I get 25% of everything in the band.’ And there’s five guys in the band, so that was kind of ballsy. But they said, ‘Okay.’ So we redid that. We got out of that and then our next record debuted at number one.”

Skid Row’s Popularity Led To A Feud

Despite working together and starting their career as ‘nobodies,’ the band eventually became more popular than Bon Jovi as they started selling more merch and albums. The two parties started out by planning pranks. This was somehow followed by a 60 person rivalry, who turned out to be Bon Jovi’s crew, approached Bach and his team. Jon Bon Jovi led the charge along with his brother and father. In the midst of the feud, Bach received a death threat from Bon Jovi’s father.

In Bach’s words, Bon Jovi Senior pointed held the rocker against the wall and said ‘I’ll f*cking kill you.’ Fortunately, the fight ended after some screaming and threatening.

You can watch the interview below.