Sebastian Bach Says He’s Giving Away His Ted Nugent Collection For Free After The Latest News

Skid Row’s former frontman Sebastian Bach recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and slammed Ted Nugent for being a hardcore nationalist and conservative political activist, but getting a student deferment to avoid service in the military, just like Donald Trump.

Sebastian Bach rose to fame in the ’80s as the lead vocalist of Skid Row and even though he was fired from the band in 1996, he continued his music career as a solo artist. He’s still an active musician who has numerous side projects such as Kings of Chaos, in which he has collaborated with stars such as Dee Snider, Gene Simmons, Duff McKagan, and many more.

As both an old and a current musician, Bach has witnessed the career of a lot of stars, such as Ted Nugent. Although Nugent is known for his amazing guitar-playing skills his conservative political views, offensive language, gun and hunting advocacy, and unending support for former President Donald Trump have cast a shadow on his music.

According to the recent findings, even though he claims to be a great nationalist, Nugent actually got student deferment to avoid military service, which was also done by well-known patriotic figures such as Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, and Bill O’Reilly during the Vietnam War.

After seeing this, Sebastian Bach said that he’s lost all respect for Ted Nugent and that he’s willing to give out his collection of the musician’s work for free. Numerous fans commented under Bach’s post and while some said that they want nothing to do with Ted Nugent, others joked about how ‘Ted only shoots at things that can’t shoot back.’

This is what Del James revealed:

“According to military records, Ted Nugent got a student deferment. This was a legal means of avoiding service in the military. Patriots like Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, and Bill O’Reilly all got student deferments during the Vietnam War. An Exposure of Ted Nugents.”

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his tweet:

“If anybody wants my collection they’re welcome to have it for free or for the best offer. Funny, zero-takers so far.”

And a fan commented:

Ted only shoots at things that can’t shoot back.’

While another fan said:

“I will take your KISS collection for free but that Nugent stuff is some sh*t I don’t need.”

You can check out the tweet below.