Sebastian Bach Defends Axl Rose Against A Fan Criticizing His Stage Performance

Former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach, reacted to a fan’s comment about Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose’s drug and alcohol-fuelled stage performances on his Twitter account. He supported his friend by praising his performances as a lead vocalist.

Along with their longtime friendship, Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose have also teamed up for each other’s projects various times. In Bach’s debut studio album entitled ‘Angel Down,’ which was released in 2007, Axl Rose collaborated with him by writing and performing three songs of the album, namely; ‘Back in the Saddle,’ ‘(Love Is) a Bitchslap,’ and ‘Stuck Inside.’

Moreover, Bach supported his friend Axl Rose after guitarists Slash and Gilby Clarke, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Matt Sorum left the band during the problematic recording process of Guns N’ Roses’ sixth studio album ‘Chinese Democracy.’ He became the back vocalist of ‘Sorry’ and he has joined countless GN’R tours over the years.

Sebastian’s recent argument started when he answered a fan’s tweet about him being wasted on the stage which was deleted later. Another fan stated that he probably confused him with Axl Rose by emphasizing that the latter was often under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Bach defended his friend by criticizing the fan for his ignorance considering Axl Rose’s performances.

Here’s what Bach wrote as an answer to the deleted tweet:

“I have never been wasted at a gig on stage in my life.”

The fan responded:

He must be confusing you with Axl Rose.

Bach defended his friend saying:

“You are the one that is confused.”

The fan added:

“Guess I should have kept my mouth shut, but what I said is the truth.”

Bach’s tweet read:

You don’t have a clue what Axl Rose does on stage and that is the truth. Why do I even come on here?”

You can check out the tweets below.