Sebastian Bach Admits His Wife Nicknamed Him ‘Man-Child’

Sebastian Bach recently told Full Metal Jackie that his wife jokingly calls him ‘man-child.’

This isn’t just a private joke, though; it also inspired the name of his new album ‘Child Within The Man.’ There is a song of the same title in the album, and it sees Sebastian scream ‘child within the man’ pretty loudly. He thinks this line is very memorable and explains:

“Well, my wife calls me man-child. That’s kind of been a theme for me my whole career. I bring a youthful energy to the stage when I get up there. People are smiling and excited and hooting and hollering. But the line ‘child within the man’ is a line of one of the songs on the record. And I scream it like bloody murder. And it kept haunting me.”

Bach’s Father Made The Album’s Cover

The album’s cover is pretty special because it was created by Bach’s late father, David Bierk. Sebastian found a painting that his dad made long ago. It showed him as a young boy running next to an old car and Jesus in the background. This painting makes up the new album cover along with another one of Sebastian performing at a big concert.

Bach says this is a way to connect his past with his present:

“The cover is gonna be me running as a child into me on stage as a man, and it’s a child within the man. And it just reminds me of the ’70s, like a child in time, and it just reminds me of a good ’70s album cover. And the fact that I can bring back a painting from the year 1978 and make it into artwork in 2023 or 2024 is really mind-blowing to me.”

‘Child Within The Man’ Has Some Guest Artists As Well

Bach put ‘Child Within The Man’ together in Orlando, Florida. It has 11 songs all written or co-written by Sebastian. He also sings all the main and background vocals. Some of his fellow musicians helped him out, like John 5, Steve Stevens, Orianthi, and Myles Kennedy. The album will be available on May 10th in different formats like CDs, cassettes, and vinyl records.

Sebastian Bach will start touring in May to promote the album. He plans to perform in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. Then he will come back to perform in various cities across the United States. The tour is named after his new single ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ He performed it for the first time in February in Minnesota.

He also released a music video for ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ in December. His wife and a couple of his friends also appear in the video. You can watch it below.