Sass Jordan Recalls Proving Taylor Hawkins His Lifelong Dream

In the wake of her latest release, ‘Live In New York Ninety-Four,’ Sass Jordan caught up with Songfacts for a chat. In the conversation, the Canadian rock singer discussed the recorded 1994 performance and her experiences with the late drummer Taylor Hawkins, who was a member of her band back then.

The timing of the album release coincided with the first anniversary of the former Foo Fighters member’s passing. This gave Jordan an opportunity to reflect on her shared memories with Hawkins while he was in the band as she disclosed both sides’ feelings about working together.

To explain the late drummer’s contributions to her team, the ‘Make You A Believer’ singer said:

“This was his first professional band, so he was learning the ropes. Just being on a tour bus, traveling from country to country – because we were in Europe as well with that tour – and being a part of a working band and playing these huge shows. His whole life up to that point, he was 22, I’d say, had been dreaming of doing this. It was like he suddenly felt like he was catapulted into it, and he was living the dream.

He was having the best time ever. And his incredible joy and his incredible energy just made everything kick up a notch. It’s very easy to get jaded and cynical when you’re in a rock band on the road, especially after a couple of months, so his energy was like that little spark that lit the fire, that kept us just like [Screams.].”

However, the experience was not without its struggles since she noted:

“It was a wonderful, wonderful time… and also a horrific time, I’m not going to lie – because nothing is always 100% great or 100% terrible. What was difficult about it was being on the road. It’s exhausting, and it just wears you out.

You get worn out emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. That can get you into states of moods and states of being, ‘Why am I alive?’ [laughs] I mean, that happens in regular life, too. But everything is compounded in a situation like that. It’s just so intense, and the pressure is intense.”

When ‘High Road Easy,’ the first single from the new album, came out, it was reported by Rock and Blues Muse that Jordan’s main intention was to pay tribute to Hawkins’ early career. She aimed to preserve the memory of his time with her and celebrate his contribution to music.

The Canadian rocker’s words read:

“As we hit the milestone that marks one year since Taylor left us, I wanted to do something to honor his memory–a recognition and appreciation for his glorious, big, beautiful energy–which lives on through this recording and in all of our hearts. That’s why we offer this now…. This particular song, ‘High Road Easy,’ was in its infancy in those days–you can really hear it in the way the band attacks and tears it to pieces–rampaging through its whole length like the pack of road dogs that we were…”

You can listen to ‘High Road Easy’ in the video below. The full album, which was released on April 28, is available for streaming and purchase from various music platforms.