Sammy Hagar Resembles Machine Gun Kelly’s Show To A ‘Geek Theater’

The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar shared his opinion about the Machine Gun Kelly’s show via his official Instagram account.

Yesterday, Sammy’s daughter Kama Hagar shared pictures and videos from Machine Gun Kelly’s concert at The Greek Theater Los Angeles, where he performed on Friday night. While expressing how much fun they had during the show, Kama also said he’s the perfect musician to channel your teenage angst.

However, Sammy Hagar’s comment about Machine Gun Kelly’s show got the most attention. Sammy asked Kama in the comment section if they were in the Greek Theater or a ‘Geek Theater,’ and many fans thought that Sammy was trying to slam the singer and his performance.

Even though it almost created controversy, Kama chimed in and corrected the people who accused the Red Rocker of putting MGK down. She said that her father only used those words to express how much fun they had that night.

Kama Hagar wrote the following while sharing her experience:

“If you need to heal your angsty inner teen, go see Machine Gun Kelly. Swipe to the last video + watch it until the end for the complete summary of the experience we had on Friday night.”

Sammy Hagar added this comment:

“You sure you’re not at the geek theater.”

After receiving lots of backlash, Kama corrected his comment:

“You both misinterpreted the comment – he’s not putting anyone down, except making a joke about our excitement. My page isn’t for negativity of any kind, especially if you don’t know the person, so please kindly reconsider what you come here with!”

You can check out one of the photos Kama posted on her Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Kama Hagar – Instagram