Sammy Hagar On Getting The Chance To Play With His Ultimate All-Star Band

The Red Rocker shared a video from his YouTube page where he described his ultimate all-star band. Sammy mentioned that he already had ‘it’ with his supergroup Chickenfoot:

“My ultimate all-star band. I’ve kind of put it together. Chickenfoot was at one time that. Chad Smith, Joe Satriani, and Michael Anthony. Can’t get much better than that.”

He explained the features of his current band Sammy Hagar and the Circle that fit for being an all-star band:

“But sometimes you like to do different kinds of things. It’s what I love about [Sammy Hagar and] the Circle, which is my all-star band right now, is that because Jason Bonham is the son of John Bonham, he was in Led Zeppelin for five minutes, he did that reunion thing with them. And I really think that he brings something different where we can play a Led Zeppelin song, you know, one of my favourite bands of all time. So that’s like an all-star band, that one of the guys brings something where we don’t just make our own music, which we have, but we play our legacy.”

Hagar also emphasised the importance of having a diverse repertoire and performing well:

“We played a little Montrose, we played a little Chickenfoot, played a little Led Zeppelin… To me, that’s the ultimate all-star band. It is to play everybody’s material, not just get together as musicians and see what you can do, that’s just half of it, the element for me. I love the fact that we play everybody else’s songs and we do it well.”

In April, Hagar dialled in with USA Today and talked about how COVID-19 alienated him along with everyone else, and shared his feelings about his former band:

“The peak of my musical life was Van Halen. My ego wants to say I was doing great as a solo artist. Well, yeah, I was doing fine, but Van Halen was some other thing man. It was a four-headed monster, and I miss Ed dearly.”

In an interview in July, however, the guitarist also criticised Alex Van Halen because he keeps him on read about a possible Van Halen reunion:

“It’s the same old f*cking story. Alex won’t respond to me. I reach out to him. I haven’t done it in a long time now because it’s like, ‘Hey, you want to talk to me, call me.’ So but there’s not going to be a Van Halen reunion. I mean, first of all, it’s too late. I’ve always said it a million times Wolfie’s doing such a great job at what he’s doing, and he would be the perfect guy, so that’s out.”

You can watch the video below.