Sammy Hagar Explains What Eddie Van Halen Was Missing With David Lee Roth

Sammy Hagar recently conversed with Classic Rock. During the discussion, he touched on his time in the band and contrasted his contributions with those of David Lee Roth.

Prior to joining Van Halen, Hagar was already a known figure in the rock scene, acting as the lead for Montrose in the ’70s. With more years of experience in the field than the other members, he believes that Eddie Van Halen‘s band improved more during his run than Roth’s.

The musician’s words read:

“I had more experience under my belt when I joined Van Halen in 1985 than they had. They’d been together for seven years, making records. I had been around for ten years before that. I knew how to sing; I knew what Eddie was playing; I knew which keys things were in and the arrangement of the music. Eddie really got off on that because he never had a musical partner with Dave.”

However, in a previous interview with USA Today, the artist was also quick to acknowledge that his relationship with the band wasn’t one-sided by saying:

The peak of my musical life was Van Halen. My ego wants to say I was doing great as a solo artist. Well, yeah, I was doing fine, but Van Halen was some other thing, man. It was a four-headed monster, and I miss Ed dearly.”

From a sales perspective, Hagar’s bragging was justified, as his period with Van Halen was immensely successful. The band released four albums during his tenure, all of which reached the Number One spot and earned multi-platinum status.