Sammy Hagar Admits He Has Regret About His Iconic Solo Album, ‘It Was A Big Mistake’

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page celebrating the 45th year anniversary of his debut solo album, ‘Nine on a Ten Scale‘ while revealing a video in which he admitted that his first intention with the album was not to sound like his former band, Montrose.

As many of you recall, Sammy Hagar was discovered and recruited to join Montrose while playing in a cover band back in 1973. Despite appearing on the band’s self-titled debut studio album, and the second studio album, ‘Paper Money,’ Hagar was fired from the band because of a feud between him and the founder Ronnie Montrose during a European tour in 1975.

After being fired from the band, the legendary vocalist started a solo career with his debut solo studio album named ‘Nine on a Scale Ten’ which was released in May 1976. The album which was consisted of 9 tracks generally received average reviews, starting Hagar’s solo career strong regardless of the reviews.

Recently, former Van Halen lead vocalist shared a video on his official Instagram page celebrating the 45th anniversary of his first-ever solo album while revealing his emotions during the recording of ‘Nine on a Ten Scale.’ Apparently, Sammy Hagar wanted to do something totally different than his former band’s style.

In addition to this, Hagar revealed that the album represents the raw Sammy Hagar despite the fact that he wasn’t sure about his music at the time along with revealing that he was quite happy with being his own boss and playing the guitar for the album.

Here is what Hagar said in the caption section:

“‘Nine on a Ten Scale’ Anniversary

45 years since ‘Nine on a Ten Scale’?? You gotta be kidding me! Well, I’m celebrating from Cabo thinking back to putting this record together and being my own boss.”

Here is what The Red Rocker said in the video:

“I’m sitting here in Cabo, thinking about 45 years ago released my first solo album, ‘Nine on a Ten Scale.’ The first thing I remember about that is all I wanted to do was not be like Montrose. That’s a fucking mistake in itself and I wanted to be like a heavier version of Van Morrison, one of my favorite songwriters of that time. So that’s a neglected record, I can’t say I was lost but I certainly wasn’t found, I didn’t know who I was.

I was just so happy to play the guitar and play with friends and be my own boss after Montrose was such a disaster as far as getting alone for the last year, not like the last year of Van Halen to be honest with you. But anyway, that’s the raw Sammy Hagar, that’s a man on a quest, looking for himself.”

You can see the Instagram post below.