Sam Kiszka Confirms Greta Van Fleet Is Working On A New Album


Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka joined Kyle Meredith in a recent interview and revealed that the band’s third studio album is on its way.

The young rock band, often compared to Led Zeppelin, gained international recognition following their debut in 2017. Their raw tunes, energetic stage performances, and contemporary rock sound carved the way for the band to achieve critical acclaim and be regarded as one of the representatives of rock music.

Following the release of their two studio albums, Greta Van Fleet is currently embarking on the nationwide ‘Dreams In Gold‘ tour, all the while coming up with new projects and plans for future releases. Sam Kiszka mentioned their plans for the band’s upcoming record during a recent interview, and the bassist revealed the new album’s context and outline.

Kiszka explained that they didn’t have a sonic direction while making their previous records, but with the 2018’s ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army,’ they grasped how they wanted to sound. The bassist then named the band’s latest release, 2021’s ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate,’ as the record they’ve always wanted to make.

When asked about what was next for Greta Van Fleet, the musician explained that although they were currently in unchartered waters regarding the creative direction of the new record, they had also already mapped out a new concept. The bassist noted that they wanted it to differ from their previous projects and find a new path for a unique, exciting sound.

Sam Kiszka stated:

”We already knew what the next thing was. We’re actually working on it right now, album three. We’re pretty far into it. And I can’t say a lot about it but it’s, like, the whole concept of going back to, almost, the roots of what we did. [We’re] kind of bringing our heads back to that garage time. Now, we’re spending all this time making it perfect. We’re just capturing what’s going on and embellishing it. [We’re] making it exciting, raw, and energetic.”

You can watch the entire interview below.