Ryan Dusick Credits A Rage Against The Machine Song For Maroon 5’s Formation

Not many people know that Rage Against The Machine played a key role in Maroon 5’s formation, according to Ryan Dusick, former drummer of the band. Dusick recently revealed in an interview with The SDR Show how a cover of a RATM song created a bond between the band members before they were Maroon 5.

During his chat with The SDR Show, Dusick took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about a particular rehearsal that proved pivotal for the band. He recalled how they decided to cover Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name‘ in the school orchestra room. To their surprise, they found that they all shared a strong musical chemistry after the rehearsal and decided to form a band.

Here is what Ryan Dusick recalled about Maroon 5’s starting point:

“I was playing in the school band. My brother and all the older guys that I’ve been playing with all went off to college. I was looking for new blood, and I was a little lost at first. But then I realized my friend, Adam Levine, who was a freshman while I was a junior, brought his two friends into the school band.

I thought, ‘These guys have barely been playing for a week; they’re not going to be able to keep up with what I’ve been doing.’ Then we had one rehearsal in the school orchestra room where we played ‘Killing In The Name,‘ and it just kind of gelled. All of a sudden, we had a chemistry together. You wouldn’t think of ‘Killing In The Name’ when you think of Maroon 5.”

Reflecting on the band’s history, it’s surprising to see how a moment of shared synergy around a Rage Against The Machine cover set the stage for the formation of Maroon 5. Who would have guessed that a band renowned for their catchy pop tunes found their initial inspiration in a song from the iconic rap-metal band?