Rush’s Alex Lifeson Says His New Album Includes Jimi Hendrix-y Melodic Parts

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson recently joined Guitar World for an interview in which he revealed that his new record has some melodic parts which resemble Jimi Hendrix‘s playing style.

Although most of Lifeson’s music was primarily created during his tenure in Rush, he has also contributed to other music acts and made solo efforts. In 1996, the musician released his solo album ‘Victor,’ with the contribution of his son Adrian and wife Charlene. This was Lifeson’s first major solo project outside Rush.

On June 15, 2021, Lifeson released two new instrumental songs titled ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House’ on his official website. Although released as a self-titled project, the songs featured Andy Curran on bass and David Quinton Steinberg on drums. Besides, they were his first music releases since Rush’s ‘Clockwork Angels’ in 2012.

Following that, Lifeson announced his new side project, Envy Of None. On January 12, the musician released the single ‘Liar’ from the band’s debut album and set the album for release on April 8. His ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House’ will also be featured on this album.

In an interview with Guitar World, Alex Lifeson revealed some details about his upcoming album. He stated that it features many straight-ahead guitars and ‘manipulated and sequenced things.’ Lifeson also shared that it features acoustic fingerstyle, heavy and backward guitar playing, and Jimi Hendrix-y melodic parts.

In the interview with Guitar World, Alex Lifeson said the following:

“There are lots of straight-ahead guitars, but there’s also mandola and lots of manipulated, sequenced things. And I’ve really become an aficionado of a backward guitar as well.

So there’s everything from acoustic fingerstyle stuff to really heavy stuff, trippy kind of backward things to Hendrix-y melodic parts. I’m really quite pleased with it. We have ten songs, and they’re all sounding really, really cool.”

Envy Of None’s lineup consists of his fellow musician Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne, and producer Alfio Annibalini. The band’s upcoming album will feature ten brand new songs, and the musician excited his fans by implying there’s really cool material awaiting them.