Rush’s Alex Lifeson Releases New Single With Envy Of None And Announces Debut Album

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson released a new single titled ‘Liar’ from the debut album of his new band, Envy Of None. The album will also feature Lifeson’s some previously released instrumental tracks.

Following their last performance in 2015, Rush decided to stop performing live together as a band after their career spanning over 40 years. Especially after the drummer Neil Peart’s death, Rush’s members highlighted again that there was no possibility of continuing without Peart, and Rush was basically over for all of them.

Along with his involvement in the band, Alex Lifeson made a number of guest appearances in various albums. Last year, he also announced his new project, Envy Of None, with Andy Curran, Alfio Annibalini, and Maiah Wynne. On June 15, 2021, Lifeson had already released two instrumental songs named ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House’ on his official website which will probably be included also in the new band’s debut album.

Envy Of None’s self-titled debut album, which includes 11 tracks in total, is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2022, via Kscope. It was announced in the band’s official Instagram account that the first single of the upcoming album, ‘Liar,’ is now streaming on all major platforms. The band’s music is faithful to their rock roots but it also explores more electronic sounds.

The announcement made in Envy Of None’s Instagram post:

“In case you missed it: our first single ‘Liar’ is out now on all major platforms. Stream the track now; link in bio.”

You can listen to the band’s first single, ‘Liar,’ below.