Rush’s Alex Lifeson Recalls How Neil Peart Wanted To Spent His Very Last Days On The Anniversary Of His Death

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and talked about their late drummer Neil Peart on the anniversary of his death.

In early 2020, Neil Peart passed away at the age of 67 due to glioblastoma, which is an aggressive form of brain cancer, after being diagnosed three years and left his legacy in this world.

In the conversation, Lifeson stated that Neil informed them about the disease by sending an email. Afterward, Lifeson saw that Neil seemed pretty okay with the diagnosis and accepted his fate.

However, Neil wanted to live a strong life while it comes to an end and did his best to stick around as long as he could for the sake of his family. According to Lifeson, Neil did a pretty good job about it.

Here is what Alex Lifeson said:

“He was a tough man. He was nothing if not stoic, that man… He was pissed off, obviously. But he had to accept so much horrible shit. He got very good at accepting shitty news.

And he was OK with it. He was going to do his best to stick around as long as he could, for the sake of his family. And he did unbelievably well… He accepted his fate, certainly more gracefully than I would.”

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