Rudolf Schenker Recalls Confessing Jimmy Page His Influence On Scorpions’ Songs

During a recent interview with Guitar Player, Scorpions rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker revealed that Jimmy Page heavily inspired them to write some of their songs.

Scorpions released their nineteenth and latest studio album, ‘Rock Believer,’ on February 22, 2022, in the United Kingdom and on February 25 worldwide. It marked their first album in seven years. It took the band nearly three years to release the album due to the difficulties related to the pandemic. Before the album, four singles titled ‘Peacemaker,’ ‘Rock Believer,’ ‘Seventh Sun,’ and ‘Shining of Your Soul’ arrived.

The album generally received positive reviews from critics. Fans praised its well-harmonized and refreshing style. It was regarded as an organized album that reflects the band’s traditional rock sound. Scorpions will embark on an extensive world tour to promote ‘Rock Believer’ in the following days. They will be touring different cities starting from May 2022.

Rudolf Schenker discussed the tracks from their new album in his recent interview. When the interviewer asked him about the exciting guitar sounds in ‘Seventh Sun,’ the guitarist said he is a big fan of Led Zeppelin’s music, so it is pretty usual that his music has some elements from them. He revealed a hint of ‘Kashmir’ in that song and in ‘China White.’

Then, Schenker recalled sharing the stage with Jimmy Page in Tokyo six years ago. During their encounter, he confessed to Page that he inspired him to write the band’s hit song, ‘Still Loving You.’ According to the rocker,  he was influenced by the band’s legendary track, ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

Jimmy Page’s influence on Scorpions’ songs in Rudolf Schenker’s words:

“There is. ‘Kashmir’ is a fantastic song. When a song goes really deep inside you, sometimes some elements of it will come out in something that you write years later. I think ‘Seventh Sun’ shares some of that great atmosphere of ‘Kashmir.’ In 2016, I was on stage in Tokyo with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, and I said to Jimmy afterward that he inspired me to write ‘Still Loving You’ because of ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

You can listen to Scorpions’ latest album below.