Rosalie Cunningham Shares Why Stackridge Is Better Than Genesis


Ipso Facto’s vocalist and guitarist Rosalie Cunningham recently talked about her inspirations and favorite rock and roll appearances. She stated that the English band Stackridge was better than Genesis.

Cunningham is a fairly young rock artist that had appearances with her former, and most known band, Ipso Facto. She then moved on with her solo career and performed with Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s supergroup, The Last Shadow Puppets. The singer recently gave a lengthy interview about the bands and musicians that inspired her throughout her career in categories.

She named Stackridge as an underrated band and talked about their album ‘The Man In The Bowler Hat’ as ‘incredible.’ Stackridge was formed in 1969 and had a successful period in the 70s. Despite having hiatuses, the band released eight studio albums, the last one being ‘A Victory for Common Sense’ in 2009. They were active from 1969 to 1976 and then again from 1999 until 2015 with many lineup changes.

Cunningham stated that Stackridge is better than Genesis in terms of theatricals and psychedelics and called them genius. She rated them above Genesis and said they were underrated. She stated that she didn’t realize that they were regarded as ‘uncool’ at their time.

Here is what she said about Stackridge being better than Genesis:

“Stackridge made some incredible albums in the seventies, particularly The Man In The Bowler Hat, which was produced by George Martin. If you like theatrical, psychedelic prog, it’s genius. I’d rate it above a lot of Genesis’s stuff. I had absolutely no idea that Stackridge were uncool, so maybe that’s why they’re underrated.”

Genesis is one of the bands that put their heart and soul into their music and became one of the best-known bands in the rock and roll world. Their vocalist and former drummer Phil Collins is currently suffering from health problems. Hence the band finalized their ‘Last Domino Tour?’ and sent the iconic musician to retirement.