Ronnie Radke Uses Metallica As An Example To Justify His ‘Laptop’ Stance

Ronnie Radke recently got into an argument with a Twitter user and spoke about how Metallica had been using ‘laptops’ on stage, just like he did.

The vocalist had previously received criticism from ‘older’ rockers, such as Sebastian Bach, for depending on ‘laptops’ to organize his live performances.

So, when an X user reignited the ‘controversy’ again while claiming that authentic rock was superior to ‘rap, country, and pop,’ Radke accused them of being racist.

Then, when the user denied the racism allegations while also claiming they were probably richer than Radke, the vocalist decided not to hold back his words and said:

“You love to segregate music. I know your old a** hates black people. [You are] obsessed with me in your late 40s, 50s. [It] is insane. [You are] exclaiming you have more money than me when you don’t. Viagra doesn’t work for you anymore.”

He further continued his criticism of the X user and then claimed Metallica also used ‘laptops’ during live performances:

“[You sit] front row at AC/DC and Metallica shows talking about ‘tracks’ not realizing Metallica uses tracks that I know for a fact and laptops. You’re a hack. A D leaguer with a giant prostrate.”

Then, when another user praised Metallica, Radke added:

“Bro, of course, Metallica is the biggest metal band of all time. However, they use laptops just like me ’cause that’s what professional bands do, and that’s why people that talk sh*t [and] look so f*cking stupid.”

You can check out the tweets below.