Ronnie Radke Loves Trans People According To New Music Video With Jelly Roll

Ronnie Radke’s new music video with Jelly Roll for the song ‘All My Life’ embraces trans people and Western themes.

LGBTQ influencers Blair White and Gabbi Tuft accompanied the Falling In Reverse frontman and Roll in the video. The singer announced the track with the following words on X:

“Hey pronouns for Palestine, I’d like to direct you to our new music video that I had 2 trans and 1 gay man in for inclusivity in that Saraya is also in and friends with so in reality we single-handedly have done more for the lgbtq than you will ever do sitting around complaining on Twitter with a flag in your bio check it out and sit on this finger and spin b*tch.”

Blair White’s Response To Radke

White left a sarcastic comment under his post, writing:

“Really transphobic of you to do a music video with a trans woman.”

Radke replied to her, saying:

“By the way you’re hot. From me and Saraya.”

The song is on Falling in Reverse’s upcoming album ‘Popular Monster,’ out on August 16. Radke sings most of the verses and the big pop chorus, while Jelly also sings and does backing vocals. The song features country-style music for Roll and ends with a big metal breakdown by Radke.

Radke’s Previous Issues With The LGBTQ Community

In the past, Ronnie has faced criticism from the LGBTQ community. He was banned from TikTok in 2023 for comments about gender identity and later ranted about gender pronouns and ‘trigger words.’ He shared what he learned from a chat with his 9-year-old daughter and commented on the ‘trend to be trans and gay’:

“My daughter comes home from school and says, ‘I have 3 trans friends, 2 gay friends…’ She is literally a child, it is a trend to be trans and gay. And y’all wanna act like it’s f*cking normal and try to shame people and make them into bad people because it makes them uncomfortable that their kids are being exposed and indoctrinated and confused. When I was in school we worried about who had cooler shoes, who skated the best. Not who was trans in 4th f*cking grade. You ain’t gonna tell me sh*t.”

He added:

“Well, I grabbed my 9-year [old] daughter’s iPad to get her more Robux and saw a pride and trans flags on almost every game on the app, that is forcing sexuality on kids… You do not need that sh*t on a 9-year-old’s iPad. Let people grow up and figure it out. I don’t agree with transitioning children. I don’t like people that do, cancel me. F*ck you.”

‘All My Life’ is the follow-up to ‘Ronald,’ which features Tech N9ne and Alex Terrible. Falling In Reverse’s summer 2024 tour, The Popular MonsTOUR II: World Domination, starts on August 18. Black Veil Brides, Dance Gavin Dance, and Tech N9ne are the supporting acts. Jeris Johnson and Nathan James will join on select dates.

Below, you can see the tweets and watch the music clip.