Ronnie Radke Risks Getting Canceled With His ‘Trans And Gay Trend’ Criticism

Ronnie Radke recently tweeted his take on the LGBT+ community and criticized the cancel culture.

Falling In Reverse frontman first told what he’d learned during a chat with his 9-year-old daughter and targeted the ‘trend to be trans and gay:’

“My daughter comes home from school and says, ‘I have 3 trans friends, 2 gay friends…’ She is literally a child, it is a trend to be trans and gay. And y’all wanna act like it’s f*cking normal and try to shame people and make them into bad people because it makes them uncomfortable that their kids are being exposed and indoctrinated and confused.”

He added:

“When I was in school we worried about who had cooler shoes, who skated the best. Not who was trans in 4th f*cking grade. You ain’t gonna tell me sh*t.”

Radke, then, carried on by claiming that sexuality was ‘forced into’ children:

“Well, I grabbed my 9-year [old] daughter’s iPad to get her more Robux and saw a pride and trans flags on almost every game on the app, that is forcing sexuality on kids… You do not need that sh*t on a 9-year-old’s iPad. Let people grow up and figure it out.”

He finished off the thread by daring people to cancel him:

“I don’t agree with transitioning children. I don’t like people that do, cancel me. F*ck you.”

The singer had previously criticized the LGBT+ community as well, targeting the transsexual community and claiming that he was ‘shadowbanned’ by TikTok over his comments regarding sex and gender. You can read the full story here.