Ronnie Radke Addresses Contradictions In The Hardcore Scene With A Bold Statement

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke had some words to say about a few bands in the scene and the contradictions in the scene. The rocker took to X to slam the ‘fans’ that went to the other band’s shows to only fight them. He also slammed the people who loved Slaughter To Prevail until a certain point:

“Who remembers when Bring Me The Horizon broke through the scene barrier, and all the hardcore kids got pissed and came to their show to try to fight them? Slaughter To Prevail everybody loved 2 months ago until the band started exploding and rising above that small venue hardcore scene now they are Nazis and Trump lovers.”

Radke also touched on the fact that STP moved to America from Russia for a ‘better life,’ while praising Alex Terrible and the band:

“The ironic thing is most people in hardcore scene talk about how communism is a good thing in our capitalist country when Alex and band left Russia a communist country to America for a better life. I know Alex, and the band. He’s a wonderful human being.”

Why Slaughter To Prevail Moved To USA?

In 2022, Alex Terrible moved to America, specifically Florida. Right until last week, it was known that the band members, were moving stateside due to their homeland’s stance on heavy music, their vocal support for Ukraine, and potential jail time for both. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, the deathcore singer revealed the real reason behind leaving Russia.

Apparently, while touring with Bodysnatcher, the band had a stop between the shows in Melbourne, Florida, where he loved it.

People Thought Alex Terrible Escaped From War

Due to the Russian invasion, which marked a heightened phase of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War, the vocalist found himself unable to travel for several months. During this period, he became stranded in Poland while in the process of obtaining his visa, and he was sure there would not be a war:

“I was like, fuck, what am I going to do now? I could not go back to Russia from Poland, and I was in shock. Because before that, everybody started to ask me what I thought about this conflict. Is the war going to happen or not? I was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? The war will never happen. Ukrainians are our brothers. It will never happen.’ And then it happened.”

Even though he expressed his fondness for Florida, the frontman conceded that America is ‘not f*cking innocent.’ This acknowledgment arose when those around him, particularly Russians, highlighted that he was leaving amidst the Russian war and that America, too, was not as innocent. He later made it clear that he moved to Florida for a better life for his family and his music career.

See the tweet below.