Ron McGovney Denies Dave Mustaine’s Drinking Story About Metallica

All Metallica members have numerous stories from their time with the band, either about their creative and recording process or their crazy times with partying and touring. Perhaps Dave Mustaine is one of the most vocal ex-members of the band since he keeps the headlines busy with his surprising claims. However, one of his stories was recently denied by another former Metallica member, Ron McGovney.

In a previous interview that recently resurfaced on TikTok, Dave Mustaine recalled Metallica’s early days when they were heavily drinking. He first opened up about his behavior under the influence and said, “We all were such drunks. When I got drunk, I got violent. When they got drunk, they got stupid.”

He continued, “I can’t tell how many times, driving back from San Francisco when Metallica was just starting, Lars and James used to throw one of McGovney’s shoes out of the truck. He’d get home every time with one f*cking shoe left. Excuse my language, but you know.”

Mustaine then stated that talking about those times is touching, even though he later claimed that Ulrich and Hetfield spat into each other’s mouths. “This is an emotional thing for me to talk about,” said Dave. “One time, I watched one of them, I can’t remember if Lars did it to James or James did it to Lars, but they were chewing some food and spitting it into the other dude’s mouth. That was the end for me.”

Many fans commented under the video, some claiming that Dave Mustaine makes up stories to attract attention, while others supported the musician about Ulrich and Hetfield’s past behaviors. Ultimately, another name that was a part of this story cleared the air. Ron McGovney saw the video and shared a Twitter post to tell his side of the story. He denied Mustaine’s claims and said, “I don’t remember that.”

“I do remember having to pull over on the side of Interstate 5, so they could pee after drinking a gallon of vodka,” said McGovney. He later stated that Mustaine also joined the rest of the band in their drinking habits, “Then they laid down in the right lane. That was all of them. Dave included. I’m glad we were sober up in the cab. Road trips: ugh!”

This isn’t the first time Ron McGovney denied Dave Mustaine’s story. The musician previously touched upon Mustaine being the real alpha male and shared another post on his Twitter account to correct the issue. Still, Mustaine continues making remarks about his former band, even though he was fired from Metallica almost four decades ago.