Kane Roberts On Permanently Replacing Nita Strauss In Alice Cooper Band

Although guitarist Nita Strauss announced a few months ago that she would not be joining Alice Cooper for his upcoming tours, she also said she didn’t quit but just went on hiatus. Yet, it is still not clear whether she intends to come back at some point or not. Kane Roberts, replacing Strauss as Cooper’s new guitarist, shared his thoughts on staying in the band permanently during a recent chat with Guitar World.

“Well, I’m open to a lot,” Roberts replied when asked if he has left the door open for any future plans with Alice Cooper’s band. “I would think that Nita may intend to come back. But she also has some real career decisions because she’s got a viable solo career, and she’s still out there killing it with Demi Lovato, too.”

He continued, “So, I’m sure there are a lot of plates that must be spinning, and we’ll see what happens. But yes, I’m open to any discussions. It comes down to me, Alice, Shep, Bob Ezrin, and all the people in the band; we’re all friends and love each other.”

Regarding permanently replacing Nita Strauss, Roberts said, “So, it’s just gonna depend on how things shake out from here on out, but my initial notion was that I would sign on for five or six weeks, and that might be it.”

Kane Roberts thinks that Nita Strauss currently has many career options, so it may take some time for her to return to Alice Cooper’s band. Considering his statements, Roberts is open to any future plans with the band, but he knows it is not a decision he can make on his own. He will decide what to do with it according to how things will go.