Ron McGovney Addresses Dave Mustaine’s Claims About Metallica

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently posted a tweet to clear the air around Dave Mustaine’s latest remarks about Metallica by correcting them.

Ron McGovney played with James Hetfield in the garage band Leather Charm before the formation of Metallica. After that, he joined Metallica and appeared on their early demos during the band’s early years. However, McGovney’s tenure in the band was brief — he left in 1982 due to growing tensions with Mustaine and Ulrich.

Since his departure, McGovney has been on good terms with his former bandmates. The bassist now uses his social media account to reach out to Metallica fans and share some lesser-known facts about the band. As McGovney said in one of his tweets, most of the information about Metallica on the internet was pretty wrong.

Recently, Dave Mustaine made some controversial statements about his tenure in Metallica. When he was told Hetfield and Ulrich were the alpha males of the band, Mustaine said he was the real alpha male. Moreover, the musician argued his bandmates asked him to talk to promoters and collect the cash. Mustaine then added he was the one who fought for Metallica.

Previously, McGovney stated that Metallica’s real leader was James Hetfield, not Dave Mustaine. Upon seeing Mustaine’s remarks, the bassist rejected this idea again and said he remembered the opposite of what Mustaine recalled. One of McGovney’s followers then supported him for correcting Mustaine’s lies, while McGovney implied he had no grudge against Mustaine as he attended Megadeth’s first live show.

Ron McGovney’s tweet read:

“Dave talked to the promoters? Collected the cash? James didn’t play guitar before Metallica? That’s not how I remember those days. Just the opposite actually.”

Upon seeing this, one of McGovney’s followers said:

“Thank god for Ron McGovney to correct so many lies from Dave Mustaine. And I prefer Megadeth. It’s just so tiring. Let it go.”

McGovney then replied:

“And I was at Megadeth’s first live show ever.”

You can check out the tweets below.