Ex-Metallica Bassist Says Most Of The Information About Metallica Is Wrong

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney posted a tweet in which he claimed that most information about Metallica that circulates on the internet is wrong.

Metallica was formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Before the band’s formation, Ulrich put an advertisement in a newspaper announcing that he was looking for other metal musicians to make music. Upon seeing that, James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner answered the ad.

Following that, Ulrich recruited Hetfield to sing vocals and play rhythm guitar. So, Metallica was officially formed on October 28, 1981, five months after Hetfield and Ulrich first met. Ronald McGovney joined the band in the early months of the following year but left the band on December 19, 1982, due to growing tensions between him, Ulrich, and Mustaine.

Although almost every source cites the date Metallica was formed as October 28, 1981, it seems McGovney thinks otherwise. Upon seeing a fan’s tweet which celebrated Metallica’s birthday on October 28, the bassist revealed that he doesn’t remember this date.

Following that, author Mark Eglinton said he thought Hetfield and Ulrich first met in Spring 1981. As a response, McGovney tweeted, claiming that most of the information about Metallica is wrong. He then said some of the fans have argued with him about things they knew as facts because they are on Metallica’s official website.

The fan’s tweet read:

“October 28, 1981: 40 years ago today, Metallica was formed! Happy Birthday, Metallica.”

Upon seeing the tweet, Ron McGovney said:

“I don’t remember this date, but I’ll go with it…”

Mark Eglinton then tweeted:

“I thought James and Lars first met in the spring of 1981.”

As a response, McGovney stated:

“They did. Most of the information that is out there is wrong. I’ve had fans argue with me about things that they think are facts because it’s on the official website.”

You can check out the tweets below.