Rolling Stones Make The Final Decision About The 2021 Tour After Charlie Watts’ Death

According to the Sun, the Rolling Stones decided to continue touring following the death of the drummer, Charlie Watts.

Charlie joined the Rolling Stones just a year after their formation, in 1963, and he was one of the key members of the band, not only as their drummer but also managing the elaborate stage shows and tours. The iconic drummer had played on all of the band’s records since 1962 and was an irreplaceable member.

After waiting for about a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Rolling Stones were planning to kick off their United States tour this year. However, it was announced earlier this month that Charlie will be missing the tour due to health problems. Unfortunately, Watts passed away at the age of 80 on August 24.

Following Charlie’s passing one month before their tour, fans expected the band to cancel or postpone their shows. Nevertheless, the Rolling Stones decided to honor Watts by continuing the tour and making him proud.

A music insider, who is the source of The Sun, on the Rolling Stones tour:

“The band want to make the show a celebration of his life. He was like a brother to them but they know he would have hated the thought of them canceling shows. Charlie had given them his blessing to tour without him following his operation, so they will honor his wishes.”

Saturday Night Live drummer Steve Jordan was announced as Charlie’s stand-in before his passing, and he is probably going to be the one touring with Rolling Stones. However, the band has not confirmed this yet.