Roger Waters Shares His Mother’s Advice To Overcome Struggles

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters recently made an appearance on The Mother Of All Talk Shows with George Galloway. During the show, he revealed what his mother advised him to do to overcome his struggles.

Apart from his successful music career in Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is also an activist. He supports people in need by giving live performances, defending their rights, and donating money to charities. Moreover, Waters is also an outspoken person when it comes to his beliefs and thoughts. He doesn’t hold his tongue when he thinks there is injustice.

As you may know, the lawyer Steven Donziger had sued Chevron for polluting the lands of Ecuadorians. The Ecuadorian court asked Chevron to pay $18 billion for damages, but the company never did. Instead, they targeted Stever Donziger. Since August 2019, Steven has been under house arrest. He was also found guilty on six counts of criminal contempt for defying court orders. Now, the lawyer has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Roger Waters was among the ones who protested this decision, and he wanted justice for Steven Donziger. After talking about his stance on this issue, he recalled the advice his mother gave Waters to overcome his struggles. According to Roger, his mother told him to study and examine his problems, listen to other people’s opinions, and finally, do the right thing.

“People say ‘How did you develop these opinions?’ My mother. When I was 13 years old, struggling with something like that, she sat me down and said ‘You know, Roger, through your life you’re gonna be faced with difficult decisions to make about complex problems. My advice to you is to study whatever it might be from all sources that you can.'”

He went on to say:

“My mother then said to me, ‘Study it. Listen to other opinions. Really verse yourself in it. When you’ve done that, you’ve done all the heavy lifting. The end bet is the easiest thing in the world.’

I went, ‘What’s that mom?’ and she said, ‘Do the right thing.‘”

You can check out the interview below.