Roger Taylor’s Daughter Lola Is Dealing With Serious Harassment, Including Death Threats

Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter Lola Taylor has been facing a serious threat on social media, and it is now revealed by her sister Tiger Lily Taylor.

Tiger Lily shared a post on her Instagram Stories and stated that they have been dealing with serious harassment on social media from an unknown Instagram user and seeker for help.

She mentioned that they tried to block this user, but every time Lola blocks the account, they easily open a new one and continue to harass them. Also, she stated that this harassment includes even death threats.

After not knowing what to do against these insane people, Tiger Lily sought help from the community and asked what they can do in this situation to protect their lives. However, we are not sure if they managed to solve the problem or not.

Here is what Tiger Lily Taylor wrote:

“My sister Lola Taylor has been dealing with serious harassmen, including death threats, from an unknown Instagram user. Everytime she reports the account they create a new one. Does anyone have advice on how to find this person or make this stop?”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Tiger Lily Taylor – Instagram