Roger Taylor Shares The Story Of Giant Freddie Mercury Statue In His Garden

Queen drummer Roger Taylor recently talked about the story of the giant Freddie Mercury statue in his garden during a recent interview with Guardian.

Dominion Theatre brought a 20feet-tall statue of Freddie Mercury to welcome their audience for the ‘We Will Rock You’ musical in 2002. However, it got removed back in 2014, when the show ended. In the conversation, Roger pointed out that they decided to put this giant statue into the warehouse as he didn’t want it to go to waste.

However, Taylor then decided to exhibit it in his garden instead of seeing the statue in the warehouse. Since then, the giant statue of Freddie Mercury has been sitting in Roger’s house at Puttenham Priory in Surrey, and it reminds the good old days to the drummer when he needs to.

In April, Roger also revealed another reason why he brought this statue into his garden. During an interview, he said he thought it would be funny to have the legend’s statue in his garden and noted that Freddie would have found it hilarious if he was still alive.

Roger Taylor told the Guardian the following about how he got the giant Freddie Mercury statue:

“The absolutely massive statue of Freddie Mercury that was outside the Dominion Theatre in London. It was going into a warehouse somewhere, and I thought, I’ll have it in my garden, please.”

Later in the conversation, Roger revealed the most embarrassing moment of his career with Queen and mentioned that he often forgets the first line of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ while on the stage.