Roger Daltrey Wants To Make Sure His Voice Is In Good Shape Before The Who Tour

The Who singer Roger Daltrey revealed how he understands if his voice is in good shape or not during a recent interview with The Rolling Stone.

After taking a break from touring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like Roger doesn’t know whether he’s now ready to go back on stage. In his recent conversation, Daltrey expressed his worry about whether his voice is good enough to amaze their fans during The Who’s tour in 2022.

To make sure that he’s ready to tour with the Who, Roger decided to go on a solo tour beforehand. In this way, he could see if he can sing during The Who shows starting in March or April. Furthermore, the legendary singer pointed out that he promised himself and the audience that he would never be a mediocre singer, and that’s why he will embark on a solo tour and keep his voice active until The Who shows.

Roger Daltrey explRoger’shy he is going for a solo tour in the interview:

“I’ve got to sing between now and when the Who are next going out, which is the end of next March and April. If I don’t sing between now and then, I don’t know whether I will be able to do it then.

I’ve always promised myself and my audience that I would never want to go out there and be a mediocre singer.”

Last month, Roger announced that he will start a solo tour in November named ‘An Evening With Roger Daltrey’ and will entertain his fans with his music and by sharing some stories from his life as a rock n’ roll star.