Rock Fans Want To See Nickelback On Next Superbowl Half-Time Show

Some of the devoted fans of Nickelback have taken Twitter to share their wishes to see Nickelback for the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022 and their tweets went viral within a short period of time.

The famous Canadian rock band Nickelback was formed by Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair back in 1995. Known as one of the most successful rock bands based in Canada, Nickelback has released several top-charting songs over the course of their career, including ‘How You Remind Me,’ ‘Rockstar,’ and ‘Far Away.’

As you may recall, earlier in 2020, it was announced that the well-known singer The Weeknd was going to be the performer of The Super Bowl Halftime Show of 2021. While many people got excited by the news, some people were not quite happy about it and they even suggested other bands or musicians instead of The Weeknd. Yet, the iconic artist still managed to present a successful visual and vocal performance in under 15 minutes during which he played songs from throughout his career.

Although The Weeknd’s performance was appreciated by the viewers, the devoted fans of Nickelback have taken Twitter to make a request for the next year’s show for the Super Bowl halftime. One of their fan’s tweet, in particular, has gone viral by receiving more than 19K likes within a few hours.

In their tweet, the fan stated that they ‘vote Nickelback for next Super Bowl halftime show.’ Besides getting many likes, the tweet also received various comments from Nickelback fans around the world who loved the idea of seeing a live performance from the band on the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022.

Here is what the Nickelback fan wrote in their tweet that went viral on Twitter:

“I vote Nickelback for next super bowl halftime show

You can see the fans’ tweets about Nickelback on Twitter below.