Robert Smith’s Warnings Over Scalper Scam Resulted In 7K Ticket Cancelation

The Cure‘s frontman, Robert Smith, has worked diligently to protect his fans from inflated ticket prices and scalper scams surrounding the band’s upcoming North American tour, ‘The Lost World.’ Smith’s effort on Twitter to ensure an affordable and fair ticket-buying experience has led to a significant development, as 7,000 tickets found on secondary resale websites have now been canceled in a bid to tackle touts.

Smith and The Cure opted out of Ticketmaster’s platinum and dynamically priced ticket options and restricted ticket transfers in specific markets. The band also agreed to Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan plan to avoid scalpers. Despite these precautions, some were faced with the added Ticketmaster charges, which the frontman convinced the company to offer partial refunds to fans.

Robert took to Twitter once again to warn fans of a scam in which scalpers offer to sell account login details. In response to the alarming situation, the band has taken decisive action to cancel the illegitimate tickets and prevent further exploitation, adding that the fees from those tickets will be donated to the human rights organization Amnesty International.

Robert Smith’s words to warn people over scalper scam read:

Beware another scalper scam offering to sell and send account login details to get around TM transfer limitations. Any and all tickets obtained in this way will be canceled, and the original fees paid on those tickets will not be refunded.

Original fees paid on those tickets will be donated to Amnesty International, and the tickets themselves will be resold to fans.”

He added:

“‘IHBT’? Approx. 7k tickets across approx 2200 orders have been canceled. These are tickets acquired with fake accounts listed on secondary resale sites. TM has identified specific locations from secondary postings.”

The band’s actions to combat scalpers and ensure a fair ticket-buying experience demonstrate their genuine concern for their audience. While the cancellation of 7,000 tickets may be a temporary setback, it is a strong statement against exploitative practices in the industry. Fans can look forward to enjoying the upcoming ‘Lost World North American Tour,’ knowing that The Cure has taken every possible step to prioritize their best interests.